8 Talks

We run about talks every month across four marketing themes:

  • Creativity
  • Insights
  • Digital
  • Traditional

Members can attend any eight of these talks during the year that are most relevant to them.

4 Workshops

Workshops take place twice a year at Fota Island Resort in the afternoon of the conference and are on a wide variety of topics.

In these 100 minute long workshops we go into detail, working with experts in their field to solve problems and help grow your business.

2 Conferences

We run two conferences every year in Fota Island Resort. Each conference has 4 keynote speakers and 2 in depth panel discussions from brilliant marketers from all both Ireland and overseas.

The public can purchase tickets for the conference and add in the option of 2 workshops in the afternoon. All 24 Stories members attend for free as the conference is included in their annual membership.

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